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Todays Youths and their Challenges

No, I do not believe so. This generation is bearing an enormous part of the burden of what ails much of the world. Just over the past few months, there has been a proliferation of students murdering students in addition to students being killed for no other reason than a perception their sexual orientation may

Urban Homesteading Kitchen Garden the Benefits of Urban Homesteading

Urban homesteading. What is it? And why should you want to do it? If you’re a city dweller who’s lucky enough to own or rent a small piece of land, (or yard) you can start ‘homesteading’ on a small scale, to increase your quality of life and cut costs. If you don’t have access to

Pros and Cons of Living alone

While there are, without doubt, advantages to living alone, a person’s decision to do so would probably depend largely on his or her particular situation. For a college student or for a young person just starting out and on the lower rungs of the career ladder, having a room-mate might be the difference between independence

Advantages of Country Living – Country

Having no particular use for noisy, inconsiderate and intrusive neighbors, street lights shining in my window at night, the sound of screaming sirens, and teenager’s boom boxes rattling my windows at all hours, I would have to say that my definite preference is to live in the country. Being a practical person, however, I would

Different Columns in Todays Groups of Society

Different Columns In Today’s Groups Of Society Throughout history women have been known to their men as a presence in their shadows. They are under appreciated who receive less pay than men and are only seen as an object of sex to men. Women fight every day from the sexism of how women from the

Living in Boston Pros and Cons

Living in Boston. Aah! Well that experience evokes a few sighs and musings in me. I lived and worked in Boston/Cambridge for a couple of months last year, and have to say they were among the most stimulating and eye-opening of my life. A fabulous public transport system, restaurants and French style Tabacs/cafes at every

Enjoying the Rights to be different

It was revealed following a murder case here in Britain that a young boy and girl were attacked by a group of teenagers for being different.They weren’t a different colour or race but simply dressed differently,in this case in goth clothes.The teenage gang attacked the boy but when the girl intervened she was attacked.Both ended

26 35 Years old Stage 2 in Life

The Age Of Choice and Ambition (26-35 years old) This is a fascinating age. It offers so much yet can leave a lot of regret and unhappiness in its wake because this period in our emotional evolution brings its own angst of getting older and being conscious of time’s ever-moving hand waving us on. This

Beat Boredom Summer Fun Cheap Summer Fun Inexpensive Family Fun Things to do in Summer Summer

Summer is here but despite all the fun in the sun activities, there are still those who will cry “I’m bored!” or “What is there to do?” In these troubled economic times it may seem like there are fewer options but there are many ways to beat boredom, even for a low cost. These are

Things to do this Summer to Avoid Boredom

This summer a lot of us are staying home instead of vacationing. Whether it’s because we are conserving funds or we lack them, many of us have decided home is where it’s at. But staying home during the summer and not taking a vacation can lead to boredom. Here a few ways to beat the

Does Modern Life Affect Quality of Time

Being time poor: This almost didn’t get written. There was no time; just floating ideas and fleeting moments of prose. I used to work 12-hour night shifts where I had tons of time to read and write. It was perfect. But circumstances changed and now I work day shifts, which aren’t exactly conducive to all-out

Summer Activities

Summer is upon us and you need to have a plan to help keep boredom away. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to enjoy your summer. Entertainment can be found in the simplest of pleasures. Especially for families, having a plan will help keep your kids from nagging you all summer

Living in less than 400 Square Feet

Living in less than 400 square feet Living in less than 400 square feet for any length of time requires a lot of organization and a lot of planning. Not only is there a necessity to creatively use every milimeter of floor space, but you’ve got to use all the wall space you can. Most

Anti Racism vs Diversity

Floppy vs. Firm Racism is based on the archaic theory there are multiple ‘races’ of human beings. Racist philosophies persist today, fomenting hatred and distrust of those who differ, operating from a twisted place.The die hard bigots of this world hang on tightly to teachings they got all their lives from similarly mistructful individuals. Wishing

Introvert Introverts Versus Extroverts Extrovert Extroverts

For some reason, we live in a world where characters such as Bill O’reilly rule supreme and all those who oppose are left silent and unheard. Our culture tends to portray the introverted as socially awkward and shy. We are supposed to be social beings, feeding off one another to fulfill our inter-relational needs. While

Can Multiculturalism be Negative

London is perhaps one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with roughly 40% of its population being foreign, according to the census of 2001 (national statistics 2006, online). Its diverse patchwork of people all coming together to create a unique cultural diversity that some countries in their entirety cannot even boast of. Multiculturalism

Sex Committed vs Casual – Yes

Given the exclusive involvement of two (or possibly more) responsible, consenting adults, why should the decision to have sex concern anyone other than those directly involved? Married vs. non-married sex is an issue only as the result of religious dogma. If having sexual intercourse outside the institution of marriage is against your religious (or any

Practicing a Polyamorous Lifestyle Polyamory Story

Let’s use the example of Jack, Joe and Jill (*fictitious names, but true story), who are currently in a polyamorous relationship, to explain how one polyamorous relationship came to pass. Jack and Jill met, dated, fell in love, and then eventually married. Joe was Jack’s best friend, best man at his wedding, and he was