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Battle of the SexesWomen’s Fight for Equality Equality between the sexes while a nice concept has not yet been achieved. Women face this reality in their everyday lives, whether at work, at home, or even out with their friends. A woman still makes close to seventy-five cents to the dollar a man makes in the

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Kate Mullany was the labor leader of the Collar Laundry Union. Kate Mullany was a young Irish immigrant, she was born in 1845. She lived at 34 North 2nd St. in Troy NY. Kate went to work in one of the local laundries at the age of 19, when her father passed away. Kate became

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History of Female Genital Mutilation: The practice of female genital mutilation/circumcision has dated back to ancient times. Female circumcision has existed for over 4,000-5,000 years originating in a period predating God’s covenant with Abraham to circumcise his people. The practice began in Egypt and was frequently performed by the ancient cultures of the Phoenicians, Hittites,

Daring and Influential Women

Daring Women There are many remarkable women from our past and present that were willing to take risks and become true pioneers.My list of “Daring Women” were able to transcend their fearlessness to others, and make a profound statement in history. Here’s my list of Daring Women: Eleanor Roosevelt – Niece of President Theodore Roosevelt.She

Female Talent and Temperament and Equality

Having lived through times when the subject of equality between men and women was discussed with a satiric lilt more than with an honest opinion, I sometimes wonder if we are asking the right questions about gender equality even today. When I chose to go to college, my parents would consider only nursing and teaching

Equal Rights Workers Compensation Feminism – No

The idea that men and women should be paid equally sounds good. And in intent, it is well meaning and virtuous. Two workers doing the same job should be paid the same. But this is a nation where we are not indentured to our jobs. We are free to come and go at will. As

Womens Liberation Movement of the 1960s

History has been replete with instances of women who have tried to make their point or create a stand of their own. Cleopatra is perhaps the best known example, who used her feminity or womanly wiles’ to maintain the power of the Ptolemies over Egypt. Then of course, there is the much hyped and catalogued

How Feminism Changed the World

When I enrolled in college in 1980, I was a young, enthusiastic feminist, eager to embrace the fairly new (at the time) idea that a woman could choose any career she wanted. Gone were the days when a woman had, for the most part, only three choices when considering her life’s work: housewifery, a teaching

Retaining your Maiden name

My poor husband has no heir. Well, in name only. I am his third and hopefully, final wife. I kept my maiden name. I did not do so to scold his previous bad judgment, or to ‘prepare for the worst': divorce. I kept my maiden name for a variety of reasons, which made my choice

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The times that the womens movement began in the US was a very tumultous time. Full of change and questioning, a misunderstood war, and an overall sweep of rethinking perspectives. When I think back on the late 60’s and early 70’s I remember it as a very confusing time.The womens movement of course had value

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As I sit here in my cubicle, surrounded by the sounds of ringing telephones and clattering keyboards it hits me like a Mack truck. As much as I complain about my job, as much as I say that I would rather be somewhere else, there was a time when a mother would not be working

Feminism Hillary Clinton – No

Whenever the question of feminism occurred, I thought to myself, ah, that’s an outdated concept. Society has come a long way since women did not have any powers to live the life she wanted for herself, it has come a long way since the time they did not have any freedom of choice and it

What is a Burqataliban Feminismwhat is the Talibanwomens Rightswomen under the Taliban

Under the rule of the Taliban, women have the right to remain invisible. Pictures of women may not be shown in print, nor may the word “woman” appear in the name of any place, like that of a park, garden or store. If a woman appears in public, the entire body must be covered by

Equal Pay Women Minority Rights Workplace – No

The fight for equality will be a neverending fight if people expect every aspect of their life to be equal in value to someone else’s. A system that causes every person to be payed the same amount of money, even if some people are working harder than others, is called Communism. It is a system

Womens Rights Issues in England Today

Women’s rights issues are so disparate these days; there is no one issue that unites us all as the right to suffrage did in the early twentieth century. It is harder to say that we are discriminated against today when there are so many things put in place to supposedly counter inequality. But let’s face

Ways to Fight for Wonens Equalities Differently Equally

DIFFERENT EQUALLYYou have a voice. You have a right. You have a reason. Weigh these three together, and you have a cause. Equality. If it’s for yourself as well as others, it’s even better. Yet, even if one is alone, it can be felt, by the masses. If there’s power in numbers, this doesn’t make

Should US companies be required to provide equal pay to women and men? – Yes

This question can only be asked by those who bear some form of prejudice against certain other people. Wages should never be based on the sect of the person but rather, on their abilities to perform the job. The American Constitution declares equal rights to men and women as citizens of the United States. Businesses

What was the Womens Rights Movement

Th Women’s Rights Movement was the most globally profound exercise of any human effort since Jesus gave His life on the cross for our freedom. He liberated all people, but somehow men in their chauvinistic attitude of superiority, felt that that liberation only applied to them. History shows that after the death of Christ, women