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Origins of the Paul Bunyan Story

Most of us heard the story of Paul Bunyon and his giant blue ox Babe when growing up, but it’s likely none of us ever questioned where the idea of this pair came from. Was he pure fictionalized fantasy, or did he have some roots based on a real person that just became sensationalized and,

Fantasy Mysticism Mythical Creatures

There are many things in our existence that simply defy science and at the same time there are many things in science that offer a paradox to reality as we know it. Our beliefs are our beliefs and most often based on our experiences. There are those of us who’ve experienced life in a different

Greek Story of Danae and Zeus

The love story of Danae and Zeus and their son has misery, happiness, accomplishment, and victory all together. Danae had a father named King Acrisius. He was the only son of Queen Hypermnestra and King Lynceus. Hypermnestra had been the eldest daughter of King Danaus, or Libya. She had 49 other sisters, and she and

Major Greek Gods

Learning about Greek Gods and Goddesses is fascinating. I learned about it for the first time when I was about seven or eight, after my dad had given me a small book that taught be about them. As I got older, I bought many more books about Greek mythology, and excelled at it in school.

Aphrodite Greek Myth Legends Love Beauty

Love, beauty and sex appeal are the attributes of Aphrodite. She is the embodiment of all these things and more. Greek mythology has many gods and goddesses who have different abilities, strengths and desires. Each one has characteristics of humans but to know who they are we have to look at the stories surrounding them.

Some Monsters in Greek Mythology

There were many terrifying monsters in Greek Mythology, since the start. Some were easily conquered, although others were a challenge. The following are 10 monsters that were all killed by heroes and gods. ArgusArgus was Hera’s Servant and had a hundred eyes all over his body. At least 50 were always open at a time,

Greek Mythology who is Demeter

Demeter is the Greek goddess of agriculture, especially of grain. She taught humanity the arts of cultivation, and thus brought them civilization. A fertility goddess, she is the goddess of sowing, and the queen of the harvest. She is the sister of Zeus, and the daughter of Rhea and Cronus. She has a son with

In Greek Mythology who were the Hesperides

The Hesperides were the daughters of Hesper, the evening star. Their names were Aegle, meaning radiance; Erytheia, translated as red; Hespere, evening; and Arethusa, war-swift. This is according to Apollodorus, a Greek scholar from around 150 B.C.E, who recorded all he could find of Greek mythology. Other writers say there were three Hesperides, or seven.

Greek Mythology who was Hephaestus

Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire. He is the lame smith god, the god of the forge, of blacksmiths, craftsmen, and artisans. The god of technology as the Greeks knew it, he was also the god of volcanoes. He was born to Hera and Zeus in Olympus, and is husband to Aphrodite, the goddess

Are Elves Real

Elves are mythological creatures, works of fantasy. But their is a hard core reality to them that is based in scientific fact. After examining what an elf IS, it is easy to see that there is a factual component to the myths. Like Schliemann finding Troy by reading Homer, we can find the real elves

Vampires Attributes of Vampires Attributes Blood

Nosferatu, devil-made, blood suckers, vampires have been called many names throughout history and legend. Vampires have plagued real life personas, movies and books as long as stories have been passed down. The attributes of vampires can vary upon the type of vampire and who the vampires maker was. However there are several common attributes of

Greek Mythology who is Dionysius

Dionysius is the Greek God of wine. His mother is Semele, a mortal who died while carrying him, when the sight of her lover Zeus in his full glory was too much for her human eyes to bear. Jealous Hera, wife of Zeus, led poor Semele to ask to see the true form of the

Superstitions regarding Gems and Precious Metals

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but all gem stones have been attributed with special powers throughout history. The study or belief in the healing or fortune telling properties of gem stones is called gemology. Whether you believe in supernatural powers of gem stones, or simply enjoy them for their beauty, the history of

Vampires of Screen and Fiction and their Impact on the Historical Vampire

If you are like most people, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘vampire’ and have probably watched a movie or two with vampires in them. If you’re an avid movie-goer and a horror genre fan, you’ve probably read and watched dozens of books and movies. Chances are, if you’re a Westerner, the image in mind

Overview of Celtic Mythology Mythology of the Celts Cuchulain Celtic Mythology

An overview of Celtic Mythology is like trying to give an overview of home-style cooking; many recipes comprise the whole and each with their own interpretation. Celtic mythology involves tales of war, beauty, the supernatural, wealth, sorrow, personal quests, battle between good and evil, and that is only a handful of what it has on

How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak Instructions

So, the zombies are back again.  That’s the third time this year.  You sigh, glimpsing out of the window as these mindless beasts patrol your street, heads bent back, mouths gaping, hands stretched in front of them as if they’re planning to throttle somebody.  You roll your eyes and draw the curtains. Typical. Well, you

How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak

Do Not Panic. Panic is the enemy in a zombie outbreak. Panic leads to problems: to irrational behavior, to poor decisions, to stupid reactions and sentimental behavior. If you want to survive a zombie outbreak you need to keep a cool head, no matter the circumstances. How you react to a pack of flesh-eating zombies

How to Prepare for a Zombie Outbreak

There in only one way to deal with a zombie outbreak: Kill or be Killed. Zombies are brutish, ravenous and soulless creatures that possess and control a human cadaver to the point it appears alive. Zombies live for one purpose: replication of their species, in this case a mutant virus strain. Only the most extreme